The Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Monthi Festh) is very dear to us. We involve ourselves in this feast with much devotion and love. We honour our Blessed Mother with flowers during the Novena and ponder over the divine plan of Salvation through Jesus her Son. She humbled herself and accepted God’s plan for her while still remaining a Virgin. Jesus,the Savior of the world was born of her. She followed him during his ministry until his death on the Cross, thus becoming His perfect disciple. On the Cross, Jesus gave His mother to us as our mother. She now intercedes for us with her Son. Therefore we are eternally grateful to her for her tender loving care.

This feast is celebrated in our Diocese as the family feast. The new harvest (grains) is blessed in the church and we take the new grains home and partake in them during the meal as family members. Though this ritual is done once a year, its significance should endure every day of the year with mutual understanding, forgiveness and continued service. May this feast bring all the family members together.

This day is also celebrated as Girl Child Day. Each child is and has the image and likeness of God and God has a plan for each child. Life begins from the moment of its conception in the womb of the mother. Therefore it deserves respect and it should be protected and taken care of. Mary Our Mother is the perfect example of God’s plan and how Joachim and Anna, the parents of Mary, protected and brought her up. May Joachim and Anna inspire every parent and Mary our Mother intercede for us.

We, Fr Benjamin, Fr Rahul and Fr Henry wish you all a very happy Monthi Festh.

-Rev. Fr Henry Sequeira

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